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Solution One is a direct partner with many well-known international music distribution channels, video streaming services and other digital content distribution platforms.
We offer an end-to-end service for our partners via these distribution channels.

Apple Music & iTunes Store

As a music aggregator, we can help you uploading, distributing and promoting your music contents on iTunes Music Store, Apple Music and iTunes Ringtone worldwide.

  • iTunes Store
    The world’s best digital music jukebox. iTunes Store is the best place to get all the music you want. You’ll find more than 43 million high-quality, DRM-free songs on iTunes. Solution One can deliver your content to iTunes Store as well as reserve banner spaces for promoting your content on iTunes.
  • iTunes Ringtone (Tones)
    The place where you can find ringtones for your iPhone. Solution One can customize your content to match iTunes ringtone spec and deliver to iTunes Ringtone.
  • Apple Music
    The latest music streaming on demand service by Apple Inc. The service also provides the blog platform called Connect that allows artists to share their posts, photos, videos and tracks with fans. Solution One can deliver your content to Apple Music and help you connect with your fans via Connect.


Solution One has been listed as one of YouTube Certified Companies in Asia-Pacific region. Our team has been trained and passed the test from YouTube Certified Program. Therefore, we have a better understanding in YouTube working process and how to grow audiences on YouTube. If you are a producer or content owner who are looking to generate revenue from your music or non-music videos on YouTube, we are here to help you.

  • Upload videos, add annotations and cards
  • Create custom thumbnails
  • Manage your channels and videos on YouTube, or even create a new YouTube channel for you
  • Monetize your channels and videos
  • Find answers to your questions from YouTube experts by coordinating with YouTube Thailand and international as a direct partner
MCN Solution One


JOOX is the FREE music streaming application for music lovers. Millions of tracks to listen and also you can DOWNLOAD the latest songs for offline play. Discover great new music with special playlist from JOOX’s editors that fit your taste and mood, anytime anywhere.

Let Solution One helps you with content ingestion and promote your content on JOOX.


  • Huge Library - Instantly access music from all over the world
  • JOOX Radio - Access over 50 radios with an immense number of songs
  • Recommended Playlists - Find playlists recommended by JOOX, with songs to fit your mood
  • Personalized Music - Customize your playlists with your favorite songs for every occasion
  • Real-Time Sharing - Share your songs with WeChat friends and on your Moments
  • In addition to all the great FREE features, JOOX VIP service turns it up for the real music fans:
    • Play on-Demand
    • Download for Offline Listening
    • High Quality Streaming
    • No audio ads


Music streaming service for online streaming and download by TRUE MUSIC.

  • Available via website and application (for Android and IOS) in Thailand
  • Enjoy listening to a wild variety of music from Thai, Asian or International artists
  • Get the latest music news

Solution One will help you deliver all content to TRUE MUSIC.


Spotify is a Swedish digital music services that gives you access to millions of songs.

  • With Spotify, it’s easy to find the right music for every moment – on your phone, your computer, your tablet and more
  • There are millions of tracks on Spotify. So whether you’re working out, partying or relaxing, the right music is always at your fingertips. Choose what you want to listen to, or let Spotify surprise you
  • You can also browse through the music collections of friends, artists and celebrities, or create a radio station and just sit back
  • Soundtrack your life with Spotify. Subscribe or listen for free
  • Available in most of the Americas, Western Europe and Oceania
  • Remark: not yet available in Thailand

Let Solution One help you with content ingestion for Spotify.


LINE TV is a video streaming service which provide you with Series and Video Clips on mobile platform and PC.

Watch it, Anytime Anywhere for Free!

Enjoy Watching Series and Video Clips on Your Mobile Phone and PC Watch full episodes of TV dramas, variety shows, music videos and LINE-only exclusive content that you can't see anywhere else. We’ll do everything we can to deliver more amazing video content your way.

Solution One can deliver your video content and help you promote those content at LINE TV.

LINE TV Features

  • Multi-Device
    You can download the LINE TV app on both smartphones and tablets. Just log in with your LINE email account on your other device! To check your LINE email account, go to LINE app > Settings > Accounts > "Email Account Registration"
  • Featured Videos
    Check out the LINE TV special content and the most popular videos on the "Spotlight" page.
  • Explore by Category
    Find all the latest and most popular videos organized into categories such as Drama, Music, Entertainment and more.
  • Search for Videos
    You can also search for specific videos by clip title, genre, or cast members.
  • Smart Video Player
    Control the volume and brightness of videos with your fingertips. Also, LINE TV's smart video player automatically adjusts your settings to the best video quality for you.
  • Non-Stop Playlists
    Click the "Nonstop" button on the video page or video player to automatically keep watching/listening to all the video clips in the playlist offered on that channel.
  • Become a "Fan" of Your Favorite Channels
    Become a fan of your favorite channels and be informed whenever new content that interests you is added.
  • Personal Video Lists
    Check updated videos in your Fan channels and start watching videos you saved for later with "My List."
  • Enjoy LINE TV in a big screen Now
    Enjoy Watching Series and Video Clips on Your PC as well! PC Version :

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